Month: September 2020

Features You Want When Redoing Your Yard

Our yards are a great place to come and relax and unwind.  However, if we have homes that take up most of our time and require a lot of maintenance they will become a burden and not as enjoyable.  For those looking for synthetic lawn products thousand oaks to maintain your yard, companies such as Tri-Country Turf have what you need.  Before purchasing though, here are some tips you will want to consider.

Pet Friendly

You want your yard to be pet friendly.  You don’t want to have any chemicals or grass that will decay or yellow from their business.   You want to have a lot of shade and other areas that your pets can go and enjoy.


The last thing that you want to do is have a yard that falls apart when you walk on it or washes away when it rains.  This is why durability is a key factor when picking your yard.  The more durable it is, the longer it will last without maintenance.

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Clean lines

The trick to having a great looking yard is to create clean lines.  What this means is that the look and feel of the yard flows.  When you gaze across the yard everything should have its place and nothing should be out of place. 

When we cut the grass you don’t want to have weird swirl patterns everywhere or have to fight small areas that have too much in them.  When designing the yard you want to design it with enough space to walk around and the ability to see everything that is there.

Work and play

The yard should allow you to both work and play.  Work in the sense that you can add and tend to your gardens, plants and flowers without feeling all closed in.  Play, if you want to throw the ball around, have fun with the kids and more you should without having to fight obstacles in your way.