How To Prevent Ticks From Entering Yard

Please do not shoot the messenger. Because this brief message is based on what the highest authoritative body has already said about the matter of tick control north illinois principles, practices and procedures. These are just brief highlights of what the Centers for Disease Control have already advised about the matter. It is, of course, a best practice for both residential and commercial property owners to utilise professional expertise as far as possible.

The CDC has provided steps that should be taken to help stem the tide of tick-borne diseases, as well as lyme disease, in the country. It is believed that if these steps are followed, a ‘tick-safe’ zone will be the outcome. Here is what the CDC said. Leaf litter should be removed from the property. There should be no tall grass on the property either. And lawns should be mowed on a regular basis. All wood needs to be stacked neatly.

Wood must be stacked in a dry area. Doing so also discourages rodents from dwelling on the property. Wood chips or gravel should be placed between lawns and wooded areas. The barrier should be three feet wide. Doing so will help restrict the migration of ticks into recreational areas. All decks, patios and playground equipment needs to be moved away from trees and yard edges. Also note that wild animals should be discouraged from entering property parameters.

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This can be done by simply constructing fences to serve as barriers. Finally, it’s imperative to remove old furniture and mattresses from yards. These implements could be used by ticks to hide. One last thing. Trash should be removed as well. This goes without saying, ticks or no ticks. This was, briefly, what the CDC advised thus far.